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Mother’s Day Melody: MMG Patisserie’s Taro Cake, a Gentle Whisper of Gratitude


On the stage of Mother’s Day, MMG Patisserie humbly presents our Taro Cake, a symphony of flavors crafted to express appreciation for the remarkable women in our lives. Like an intricate jazz composition, this homemade taro creation weaves together the threads of tradition, love, and persistence, harkening back to the days when Rubbii Ou, our founder, was a home baker exploring her passion in a small kitchen.

Taro Flour

A Mother's Love, the Unseen Conductor

The Taro Cake captures the essence of a mother's love and support, a silent conductor orchestrating life's melodies with gentle guidance and unwavering encouragement. This creation was inspired by Rubbii's journey, which was marked by her determination to pursue her passion for baking despite her mother's initial opposition.

Rubbii's Kitchen, an Intimate Jazz Club

In the cozy ambiance of her kitchen, Rubbii began her journey as a home baker, experimenting with a harmony of ingredients, flavors, and techniques. The Taro Cake, a unique blend of homemade taro paste and soft chiffon cake base, struck a chord with her customers, who found themselves enchanted by its delicate taste and texture.

Test Recipe

The Pursuit of Taro Cake Perfection, a Quiet Crescendo

Rubbii's quest for the perfect Taro Cake was a subtle crescendo of persistence, as she poured her heart into refining the recipe and exploring different variations of the homemade taro paste. Through each challenge, her desire to create a cake that expressed the depth of a mother's love and appreciation resonated within her.

A Cake for Mothers, a Gentle Serenade

The Taro Cake now stands as a testament to Rubbii's dedication and the love and care that mothers around the world provide. Its soft, taro-infused flavor and airy texture create a gentle serenade, a fitting tribute to the incredible women who have shaped our lives.

On this Mother's Day, share a slice of the Taro Cake with your mother, grandmother, or any maternal figure as a quiet whisper of gratitude for their love and support. Each bite is a reminder of the journey undertaken to perfect this recipe and the beautiful bond between a mother and child that inspired it, despite initial hurdles.

Gather at MMG Patisserie to celebrate the extraordinary women who have composed the melodies of our lives. Gift your mother with our Taro Chiffon Cake, an ode to her strength, resilience, and warmth. Let this Mother's Day be a gentle reminder of the love, dedication, and sacrifices that mothers make every day.

Wishing you a harmonious Mother's Day.

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