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Father’s Childhood

RM110 RM170
Dive into nostalgia with our Father's Day cake, "Father's Childhood". This special treat pairs a chiffon cake infused with the rich taste of Pu-Er tea,…

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Honey Osmanthus Cake

RM98 RM158
 A testament to the harmony of East Asian flavors. The Honey Osmanthus Cake is a heavenly dessert featuring a light and airy osmanthus chiffon cake…

Blueberry Cream Cheese Medovik Cake

RM98 RM158
One of our favourite flavor!Indulge in the sweet and fruity flavors of our blueberry cream cheese medovik cake. This delightful creation is made with layers…

Lychee Lime Medovik Cake

RM98 RM158
Looking for a unique and refreshing cake to tantalize your taste buds? Look no further than our delicious Lychee Lime Medovik Cake!Each layer of our…


12pcs Fatcarons in a set come with 4 different fillings, you can choose any 4.Color in random.…

Mango Passionfruit Medovik Cake

RM98 RM158
Escape to the tropics with our Mango Passionfruit Medovik Cake!  Each slice features layers of honey cake filled with creamy delicious blend of sweet passionfruit…

Happy Choux Box

Get ready for pure bliss with our Happy Choux Box! This delightful set of choux pastries is sure to put a smile on your face…

Tea Obsession Choux Box

Indulge in the ultimate tea-lover's dream with our Tea Obsession Choux Box. This delightful set of choux pastries features four distinct tea-inspired flavors, each more…

Choux Tower with Chocolate Coating

This choux tower consists of approximately 30 pieces of mini choux coated with chocolate, you can choose 3 flavours from the 6 options!Kindly provide your…

Chrysanthemum Tea Chiffon Cake

RM98 RM158
Bite into the light and fluffy chiffon cake, infused with the delicate essence of Chrysanthemum Tea, known for its calming and refreshing properties. The fragrant…
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