Celebrate the timeless appeal of cookies with MMG Patisserie's homemade selection. Crafted from traditional recipes and top-quality ingredients, our cookies cater to a variety of tastes and textures, from soft and chewy to crisp and crumbly, featuring favorites like classic chocolate chip, matcha mochi, and brownie mochi.

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Cookie Combo (6pcs)

Discover joy with our Cookie Combo Box! Inside, enjoy a delightful variety:2 pieces of Matcha Mochi Soft Cookies paired with fluffy marshmallow,2 pieces of Brownie…

Sea Salt Brownie Mochi Soft Cookies (6 pcs)

Experience pure delight with our delectable Cookie Combo Box. Unveil the deliciousness of 6 pieces of our sumptuously soft Sea Salt Brownie Mochi Cookies. Each…

Matcha Mochi Soft Cookies (6pcs)

Discover the magic of our Matcha Mochi Soft Cookie Box – a treasure of 6 pieces. Dive into the world of matcha as it dances…

Classic Original Cookies (6 pcs)

Discover pure delight in every box with our exquisite Cookie Combo! Inside, you'll find 6 expertly crafted, handmade classic original cookies that redefine homemade goodness.…