Lychee Lime 6″ Honey Layer Cake


Looking for a unique and refreshing cake to tantalize your taste buds? Look no further than our delicious Lychee Lime Medovik Cake!

Each layer of our medovik cake is filled with a creamy mouthwatering blend of sweet lychee fruit and homemade tangy lime curd. Topped with a rich and creamy whipped cream frosting, this cake is a true masterpiece that is sure to impress even the most discerning dessert lovers.

But what truly sets our Lychee Lime Medovik Cake apart is from the combination of the sweet lychee fruit and tangy lime curd. The juicy lychee flavor adds a burst of tropical sweetness, while the bright lime curd adds a refreshing tartness that perfectly balances out the richness of the honey cake.

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Every cake purchase includes a complimentary cutter and a simple candle.
Lychee Lime 6" Honey Layer Cake

Lychee Lime 6″ Honey Layer Cake



6 layers of honey cake filling with lychee fruit cream and lime curd.

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