Cake Slices

Delve into the delightful world of Cake Slices at MMG Patisserie, where variety and indulgence meet. Each slice is a gateway to a world of exquisite flavors, offering a perfect sample of our larger creations. Our selection includes slices from our famous Medovik Honey Layer Cakes. Ideal for those who love to explore different tastes or enjoy a sweet treat without committing to a full cake. These slices are perfect for a personal indulgence, a quick dessert, or a thoughtful addition to any gathering. Experience the joy of choice with our beautifully crafted, flavor-packed Cake Slices.

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[4-Slice Combo] Medovik Honey Cakes – Assorted Flavors

Slice by slice bliss to ultimate indulgence! Choose 4 slices of any cake.…

[2-Slice Combo] Medovik Honey Cakes – Assorted Flavors

Twice the slice, double the delight! Choose 2 slices of any cake.…

[1 Slice] Medovik Honey Cake – Assorted Flavors

Experience Russia's legendary honey cake in an array of flavors - tender layers paired with rich, velvety creams, promising a journey from classic to contemporary…