MMG Patisserie 2023 Winter Wonderland


Ready to add a touch of whimsy to your holiday season with MMG Patisserie’s “Winter Wonderland” Christmas collection? Our lineup of casual desserts and quick bites are perfect for festive gatherings or cozy nights in. Let’s unwrap the holiday magic:

Table of Contents

Frosty the Snowman

Meet Frosty, not just your average snowman, but a delightful cake that’s sure to melt hearts! Underneath his snowy exterior, you’ll find a zesty orange cake, each layer married perfectly with velvety vanilla pastry cream. The surprise twist? A tangy cranberry confit that adds a burst of festive brightness with every bite. Frosty is the perfect companion for your Christmas table.

Berry Christmas Tree

Imagine a tree that tastes as magical as Christmas feels. Our Berry Christmas Tree is exactly that—a majestic medovik honey cake with layers so soft, they whisper the tales of the holiday season. Between these layers hides a luscious white chocolate and mixed berry confit, making every forkful a journey through a winter berry forest.

Noel Choux Quartet

Why settle for one holiday flavor when you can have four? Our Noel Choux Quartet is a symphony of choux pastries, each filled with its own holiday-inspired cream. From the romantic Raspberry Rose to the cool Chocolate Mint, from the indulgent Black Forest to the comforting Apple Cinnamon, each bite is a festive flavor explosion.

Wintermint Vintage Cake

Step back in time with our Wintermint Vintage Cake, where the classic mint chocolate flavor meets a vintage twist. Adorned in white frosting reminiscent of a snowy day, this cake is a nod to the elegance of yesteryears with the cool, refreshing taste of mint that is ever so inviting during the winter season.

How to Bring the Wonderland Home

Dive into the spirit of the holidays with our Winter Wonderland collection. Whether you’re gifting or treating yourself, MMG Patisserie has made it easy to bring the joy of Christmas to your doorstep. Just visit our website, browse through the Winter Wonderland section, choose your festive favorites, and let us take care of the rest. Our handcrafted desserts are just a few clicks away from making your Christmas celebrations truly unforgettable.

Don’t wait to claim your slice of winter joy—MMG Patisserie’s Winter Wonderland is waiting for you!