Kuala Lumpur’s Must-Try Christmas Cakes for 2023


As the festive season approaches, Kuala Lumpur becomes a wonderland of confectionery delights. Here’s a curated list of the top patisseries and their Christmas cake and dessert offerings for 2023, each bringing a unique blend of tradition and innovation to your holiday table.

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A Sweet Celebration

MMG Patisserie is your go-to for relaxed desserts with a sophisticated twist. Their Winter Wonderland collection is as whimsical as it is flavorful:

An orange cake with vanilla cream and cranberry confit, dressed up as a snowman.

Honey cake layers with white chocolate and mixed berry confit.

Four choux pastries, each with a unique holiday flavor—Raspberry Rose, Chocolate Mint, Black Forest, and Apple Cinnamon.

A mint chocolate cake styled in a vintage fashion.

MMG Patisserie’s holiday offerings reflect their philosophy of simplicity paired with elegance. This patisserie’s strength lies in transforming classic treats into contemporary masterpieces, ensuring that each bite carries the warmth and joy of the Christmas season.

Elegance and Artistry

Nestled in the heart of Sri Petaling, Mama Girl Baking specializes in custom cakes that are as beautiful as they are delicious. This Christmas, they unveil a collection that's a testament to their craft:

A Chocolate Earl Grey cake roll adorned with poinsettia and cotton flowers. Available on


A chocolate buttercake bundt, festively decorated with poinsettias, cotton flowers, and pine cones.

From RM320

Choose from 8 premium flavors for a vintage design cake, crowned with a reindeer figurine.

Mama Girl Baking’s Christmas range exemplifies their dedication to bespoke craftsmanship and artistic excellence. Their creations are not just desserts, they are a testament to their passion for marrying intricate designs with exceptional flavors, making each cake a personal statement of festive celebration.

Indulgence with a Twist

For those who love a dash of spirit in their sweets, De Luscious specializes in cocktail-inspired cakes that are sure to lift the holiday spirit:


A chocolate hazelnut cake with whisky-infused chocolate ganache. Available in a 3″ box size too.


A spiced cabernet sauvignon loaf cake.


A classic Christmas fruitcake with rum.


A zesty orange loaf cake infused with Chardonnay.

De Luscious infuses the holiday season with an adventurous spirit through their cocktail-inspired cakes. Their bold approach to Christmas desserts highlights their commitment to innovation, offering a sophisticated and spirited take on traditional flavors.

Exquisite Craftsmanship

Champignons Patisserie blends intricate design with classic flavors in their petit gateau and log cakes:




Salted caramel chocolate with dark chocolate mousse and almond joconde.


Vanilla and pear with Madagascar vanilla mousse and cinnamon pear compote.


Raspberry, orange, and apple flavors combined in a festive log.


A harmonious blend of dark chocolate and salted caramel on a base of almond chocolate sponge with a crunchy biscuit layer.


An assortment of twelve festive treats, including German Stollen, English Fruit Cake, and various cookies and muffins.

Champignons Patisserie’s Christmas collection showcases their mastery in combining refined French techniques with festive creativity. Their dedication to quality and detail shines through in each elegantly crafted dessert, promising a gourmet holiday experience.

Homestyle Goodness

CC The Baker offers a comforting touch to the holiday season with their chocolate-laden creations and a snowball surprise:

Moist bundt loaded with dark chocolate chips.

Below RM100

A sweet and sour treat with a whole macadamia nut in each bite.

Below RM80

An assortment of cookies including Cranberry butter, Christmas wreath, Funfetti, Matcha white chocolate, and Dark Chocolate.

CC The Baker brings home-style baking to the forefront of the holiday season, emphasizing classic comfort with a touch of whimsy. Their commitment to using quality ingredients and creating heartwarming treats is what makes their Christmas collection truly resonate with the joyous spirit.

Each of these patisseries brings its own flavor to Christmas, ensuring that Kuala Lumpur’s dessert scene is as vibrant and varied as the city itself. Whether you’re after the traditional, the whimsical, or the indulgently spirited, this holiday season’s offerings are sure to satisfy every palate and preference.