Father’s Childhood

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Dive into nostalgia with our Father’s Day cake, “Father’s Childhood”. This special treat pairs a chiffon cake infused with the rich taste of Pu-Er tea, layered with Pu-Er cream and a mandarin orange peel filling. It’s a unique dessert that serves up a flavorful tribute to all the amazing fathers out there.

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Every cake purchase includes a complimentary cutter and a simple candle.
Father's Childhood

Father’s Childhood

RM158 RM218


Celebrate this Father’s Day with a dessert that’s both a gift and a memory: our “Father’s Childhood” cake. This unique creation is a love letter to all dads, expressing gratitude for their strength, love, and wisdom.

The cake is built around a chiffon base, light and delicate, carrying the earthy essence of Pu-Er tea in the cake base and cream, a flavor that stirs up comforting feelings of quiet afternoons and heartfelt talks. It’s not just a taste, but a reminiscence of simpler times.

What gives the cake its zesty punch is a mandarin orange peel filling. Its bright flavor adds a delightful contrast to the cake, symbolizing the joy, mischief, and energy of childhood days.

“Father’s Childhood” isn’t just about tasting a cake; it’s about savoring memories and sharing moments. This Father’s Day, let’s honor our fathers with a dessert that’s not just a treat, but a journey into the past, reminding us of our dads’ undying love and influence.

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