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Father’s Childhood

RM158 RM218
Dive into nostalgia with our Father's Day cake, "Father's Childhood". This special treat pairs a chiffon cake infused with the rich taste of Pu-Er tea,…

Mother’s day special – Taro Cake

RM128 RM188
Made with only the finest ingredients and baked to perfection, our Yam Cake is sure to impress even the most discerning of palates. Our homemade…

White Valentine’s Day Blueberry Lemon Cream Cheese Medovik Cake

🍰💙🍋🧀Experience the ultimate dessert delight with our Blueberry Lemon Cream Cheese Medovik Cake, crafted exclusively for White Day. With layers of honey cake, blueberry confit,…

Ramadan Special Onde Onde Honey Medovik

Celebrate the holy month of Ramadan and Hari Raya in the most delicious way possible with our exclusive Onde Onde Medovik Cake! This delectable cake…

Valentine’s Jasmine Tea Grapefruit Medovik Honey Cake

Gifting a floral cake would be a pretty interesting change for Valentine's Day. It's even in a lovely heart ❤️ shape! Purely handcrafted, limited to 60…

CNY Rabbit Orange Medovik Honey Cake

It has become tradition for us to launch the Mandarin Orange Medovik Cake every Chinese New Year, and this year we are bringing TU you…